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With flame and steel I'd try
to tear the corpse from underneath my skin.
Red tendrils wrapped around my thigh
like chains of iron and hemoglobin.
Battle scars
Something short & personal I guess.
another letter flows from my pen
wasteful words spill like all the ink i've spent
writing unread poems to you

i gather them and feel your age in their creases
and your hair in the soft stains of dust on my hands
a perfectionist, i never liked to linger
but i couldn't be rid of your memories

a too-bright sunray breaks through the remains of a rainstorm
i reflexively turn as it burns in my eyes
behind me, it shatters against the drops suspended in the air:
a colorful arc on the dark grey mist
(lovely but ultimately transient)

the flowers hesitantly show their faces again to the world
my tongue itches to taste damp, fresh air
and my fingertips ghost over the handle of the door

i don't know if i'll be better instantly, or at all
however, i'll remember you always said
that without the first step no journey can start
I wouldn't be a hermit forever.
Inspired by this song (not so much the lyrics as the feel of the melody and the singer):…
If you can't leave the easy way
You might as well smash the ceilings of hell and ride the shockwave out
Let's stomp in the puddles of raining ash
Choke on our laughter and stray embers burning in our lungs

We've been forgiving to the demons
I'd rather be miserable in the way that leaves a burning trail
(Or a six-lane blazing highway)

(If we burn this place out of existence
We'll claim the void as our valhalla)

We or these mile-high walls will fall
We charge at them with suicidal speed
We only run for freedom
No longer for our lives
For if they want us back they'll have to scrape our organs off the bricks

Angels could not match our fury
Raging hearts race
their collective pulse at supersonic speeds

And if there was a warning sign at all
we'd have smashed and torched it
before we thought to read
Inspired by The Mountain Goats, especially this song:…

I kind of love the way their songs tend to express the feeling of knowing a situation is completely fucked but charging in nonetheless. I guess I tried to emulate that a little bit.
how you manage to brighten my day by saying such simple things
words from your mouth or scribbled out
sweet nothings give my heart wings

while its aflutter i skip along; one joyful step at a time
the beating of my quickened pulse the rhythm to my rhyme
love doodle
a simple poem i thought of today
so you mightve noticed i just uploaded an enormous load of photos


the file i have here is... about five times as big as that and i´m not nearly done yet

so be prepared



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...on Secrets - A Dark Flame Story

I apologize for the late thank-you. My mother passed away shortly after the DD and things were difficult.
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